Web App


There are platforms made for live chat and streaming but not a lot exist for more niche communities interested in space exploration.

My Role

My role for this project was the UI and Interaction design to create a concept mockup. I worked on this when there was a lot of hype about the possibility of humans living on Mars.  I was also inspired by the work I was seeing in the design community around this subject and it got my creative juices flowing.


My solution was to create an online platform that is community centered around people who are interested in space exploration through live video. Members can stay up to date on new discoveries and interact with others in a live chat room. I wanted to give it kind of a lounge room feeling. I believe creating a  niche platform will add more opportunities to create features specifically for people who geek out about the topic of astronomy and space exploration.

As technology advances, I think space exploration will become even more exciting. This project was meant to be a fun concept of what an online space exploration community could look like.


Version 1

Version 2

Home Page Wireframe


This project was a lot of fun and I enjoyed how it stretched my mind a bit as far as adding interactions go. It also gave me the opportunity to experiment more with motion design using the tool Principle.